Sep 19, 2011

Between the courses ­ some rehab

Down in the Sydney Water between Eastlakes and Bonnie Doon golf courses there is a fair amount of environmental rehabilitation going on at the moment.  The aim is not only to improve the loc environment but also to enhance the quality and health of the local waterways.  It should be finished in the next week or so but what Sydney Water has done is good for our local area.  Weeds and non-native plants were removed, replaced by local native seedlings, which encourages the natural regeneration of existing bushland.  There has also been general maintenance of natural drainage. Sydney Water has a whole stack of land in our City and it regeneration of the land and rehabilitation of the waterways has been a real boost to the local ecology. When public authorities do the wrong thing we’re always ready to criticise – and I think that when the same authorities do something good (as Sydney Water is now doing) then praise is due.  Our City will benefit for many years of the work that’s just about finished.

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