Nov 21, 2011

2011 Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

The regular Christmas event, the K-Mart Wishing Tree Appeal is at the Kmart store in Eastgardens Shopping Centre.  The annual wishing tree appeal was launched last week by my wife Christine and it aims at helping children at Christmas – and it is really worthy of your support.

For some children, and for a number of reasons, Christmas is not that special time when they are spoilt with presents and Christmas treats. Most of us who are parents could not image how we would feel if were unable to make Christmas special for our kids.   We can make a difference by dropping a present under the tree.  On Christmas morning as you watch your own children get excited you will know that somewhere else another child is smiling because of you.  The feeling is priceless.

My wife was happy to make the first donation placing several parcels under the tree. K-Mart joins with the Salvation Army for the Wishing Tree Appeal, so you know your donation goes to a family in need. The tree is located inside the K-Mart Eastgardens store and anyone can donate by leaving a gift under the tree.  Last year over 3000 presents were donated and this year K-Mart Eastgardens is hoping to get the number even higher.  

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