Nov 13, 2011

Honouring an aviation pioneer

Council has decided that a new park down in Mascot will be named after the Australian aviation pioneer Nancy Bird-Walton.  I reckon it’s appropriate that we honour Nancy Bird-Walton, especially as the new park is so close to Sydney Airport, where she was taught to fly in 1933 by the man whose name is the name of the actual airport itself – Charles Kingsford Smith.  I’ve still got a signed photograph on my wall of Nancy Bird-Walton, which she gave me when we met in 2004. 

The park in the Mascot Station Precinct is on the corner of Coward and Bourke streets, in an area that is being revitalised.  We’ve worked with the Botany Historical Trust in coming to the decision.  So we will have the Nancy Bird-Walton Reserve, honouring a great aviation pioneer.  Her name is emblazoned on the nose of the first Qantas A380 jet, which will, from time to time, fly over the Nancy Bird-Walton Reserve in Mascot.

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