Nov 29, 2011

Calling all shoppers!

Some people think of it as a necessity while others love it and can never get enough.  But we’re making it the subject of a special exhibition at the George Hanna Memorial Museum.  It’s shopping and we want some help from locals.

Do you have any memories, photographs or objects from or about our local shops and shopping centres? If you have then please get in touch with the museum as in 2012 there will be an exhibition on the history of shopping in the area at the George Hanna Memorial Museum. A week or so ago we held one of our oral history events as part of the Mornings at the Museum series. It was a very successful event and more than a few locals shared their memories about shopping in the area. Many stories were told about local dress shops, old fashioned butchers, who kept saw dust on their floors, and the coming of large self service supermarkets in the 1960s.

Quality Stores in Mascot – where Best and Less is today – was well known by many residents as a place that sold everything from school uniforms to curtains. According to locals you always felt special there and it was often better value (and quality) than going to the big stores in town. If you have any stories, photographs or objects to add be sure to contact Sam from the museum on 9366 3802 and help us make the next exhibition a great success.

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