Mar 8, 2012

Abandoned Vehicles

Both Council and I have received a number of calls recently from residents concerned with what they see as an increasing number of abandoned vehicles. People see that, for example, a car has not moved for some time and think it has been abandoned.
If the car is still registered then there is nothing anyone can do about a car parked legally.

If the vehicle’s registration has expired and the car is on the street then there are actions that can be taken. 

If the vehicle is unregistered and has not moved for some time then it can be considered as abandoned if the owner cannot be contacted.

While the police can book an unregistered vehicle on a street, Council can’t nor can we simply cart it away. 

If we can trace the owner of what may be an abandoned vehicle, we can request it be moved. If the vehicle is not moved, or an owner cannot be located, then Council can begin the steps necessary to have the vehicle removed.

It can take a few weeks once the process begins but we, like everyone else, have to follow the law in all the steps we take. That may be a bit frustrating when people keep looking at a car that seems to be abandoned but we have no alternatives.

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