Mar 6, 2012

Recycling: Low Figures - Help from residents needed.

I was disappointed last week when the State Government released its report on resource recovery through local government recycling and our Council was shown with the lowest recycling recovery rate. It’s not an accolade I want. Over the years, we’ve initiated many campaigns to get households to recycle more – from kerbside collections, worm farms, special clean-ups, educational campaigns and much more. 

All we can do is constantly get the message out that recycling should be part of our everyday lives. It makes sense for our environment and it makes sense for ratepayers’ finances through lower dumping costs. Unfortunately, neither Council nor the State Government can force people to recycle, all we can do is promote it and tell everyone the benefits of recycling. We’d love to be able to meet the State Government’s target of recycling 66 per cent of waste by 2014. To achieve that figure we will need the cooperation of all our residents.

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