Mar 27, 2012

Mascot Station Precinct and its transformation

The transformation of the Mascot Station Precinct is an exciting time for Council and myself. However, I do understand that for those of you who have only recently moved in it may also be a frustrating experience.

So, let me explain why we are excited about, and committed to, the revitalisation of the area in which many new residents have chosen to make their home.

The City of Botany Bay was some years ago an industrial city, a city where industry, often noxious industry, lived next door to residents, and that was not pleasant. There were acrid smells, noise, heavy traffic and pollution.

When I was first elected as Mayor, it was my vision to turn this City into a much sought after residential area. I wanted the City of Botany Bay to be a place residents are proud to live and a place others want to live. That vision is now becoming a reality, but there is still much to be done.

The first step was to put proper planning procedures in place to allow industry and residents to live as "good neighbours" but, eventually not side by side.

The result has been that over the last 15 years several new residential areas have been created on sites which were once factories and industries, particularly in Botany. As part of this overall transformation of the City, the idea of the Mascot Station Precinct was born. The concept is the result of careful and strategic planning. The idea is to create a vibrant and exciting new "town centre" with a mix of medium to high density residential along with some commercial and retail uses.

I, and my fellow councillors and our planners, are excited by the change that has begun because we can see the vision being created and coming to reality. And I know that once it is complete, Mascot Station Precinct will be a much sought after residential address.

For residents living in the area while this transformation occurs, I realise that there will be some pluses and negatives. Buying a prime piece of real estate in the early stages is a good investment, but the price one pays is living with construction noise, dust and traffic while the other developments are completed.

So I ask for the community's patience and tolerance. The building sites under development are currently at their peak. This results in congestion as the number of workers on site, additional delivery movements to and from the area all make it difficult at times for those of you living in the midst of it all.

It is not an easy time, and in an ideal world all the development would occur simultaneously and the residents would not move in until everything was completed, beautified and landscaped. It is unfortunately not a perfect world and Council will do all it can to ensure that the transformation happens as quickly as possible and with minimal impact on those residents who have already occupied the new developments.

Improvements to the visual amenity of the area are already beginning. Work has begun on creating the pedestrian mall, Laycock Walk. The new pocket park at the corner of Bourke Road and Coward Street will soon be named the “Nancy Bird Walton,” honouring a pioneer aviator who learnt to fly on the old Mascot airfield, now Kingsford Smith Airport. Another initiative will be the conversion of the one-way Church Avenue into two-way traffic, which will benefit local residents. As well, a new outdoor fitness area and children’s playground is planned for Mascot Park, just down the road and next to Mascot Oval.

Developers working in the precinct must abide by their Conditions of Consent, and must consider the surrounding residential neighbours. Council staff carry out regular inspections and several developers have already received hefty fines and been served emergency orders. Indeed, we have involved the local police command in the enforcement of some of the conditions.

I, certainly welcome residents input and your feedback. If you are concerned about anything at all please do not hesitate to contact me on 9366 3600 or via email at

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  1. Just bought into the new Futra development in Mascot and very excited by these words Ron. Keep up the good work mate - can't wait to see what Mascot will become.