May 26, 2010

Community Debate

In the months ahead I want to see if we can get some community debate going over some of the issues that we, as a group of residents in our City, will face in the future.  As a Councillor and the local Mayor, I want to hear from as many of our residents as possible – in a community conversation.  

Sure, I get around the City every day, talking to people in shopping centres, in businesses, at our local schools and community centres and on the street when I’m walking around. I know people support Council for what we’re doing for the local natural environment, our green spaces, the way we demand that new developments harmonise with how existing streets look and the community services we provide.  

But there’s always more we can do and I’ve never thought Council or Councillors know everything – we can always learn more when we talk and listen to our residents. That’s why I want to get some community debates going on a variety of issues. I’d like feedback (either direct or through the letters column of the Southern Courier) and we can start with the column item I’ve written below.  Have a read and tell me what you think.

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