May 30, 2010

Playing on tyres at Hensley Field

The work down at Hensley Field is really moving along – and soon people will be playing on tyres. Council is getting closer to finishing what will be a great multi-sport, multi-user facility where athletics will be joined by football, rugby and other sports. 

Recent bursts of rain slowed things down a bit but provided the opportunity to confirm the accuracy of all the finished levels for the surfaces.

One of the latest sections of work is to lay what’s called the “shock pad”, which is the layer below the synthetic pitch. The shock pad is made of rubber and the rubber comes from old tyres. 

So instead of more than 57,000 old tyres going to landfill, they’ll be under the pitch at Hensley giving more bounce and a softer pitch. It’s a better surface and a better environmental outcome. 

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