May 17, 2010

Trees for Mums

When we got behind “Trees for Mum”, where Mother’s Day was celebrated by planting a tree we worked out how many people we thought would take part and got the trees ready for planting.

With our parks and garden staff on hand to assist, a supply of spades and other equipment on site at Sir Joseph Banks Park we planned out a new way to celebrate Mother’s Day and honour our mums, grans and nanas.  What we didn’t reckon on was a turn-up of around 100 people ready to plant a tree to recognise their own mum or gran.  

In the end we had to make a quick run to the Council nursery for more trees, which we had on hand.  So now, “Trees for Mums” is responsible for over 80 new trees down in Sir Joseph Banks Park – each one planted with love and honour.  “Trees for Mum” is a great idea and one with wide community support.  Given this year’s success, we’ll be back again next year.  Thanks to all those who took part.

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