May 30, 2010

Recognition of Alf Kay

When Alf Kay, a former Councillor and close friend of all us, passed away, we decided that he deserved proper recognition within our City.
Alf Kay was first elected to Council in September 1977 for the old Daceyville Ward.  He retired from Council some three years later in 1980, but in those initial three years he more than made his mark.  His absence from Council, I felt at the time, was not in the interests of our residents and he stood again at the 1987 Council elections. Alf was successful at that time and was re-elected in 1991.  He served until his retirement from civic duties at the September 1995 elections.  
Alf was a tireless worker for our community, especially in community services.  As such, I, and Council, felt it appropriate that Alf’s name become part of the Eastlakes Community Centre as it epitomised Alf’s area, both in representation and in commitment to the residents.I know that his wife Lydia and his family are supportive of such community recognition.
On August 1, we will ensure that Alf’s name is permanently a part of the City of Botany Bay when we rename the Eastlakes Community Centre the Alf Kay Eastlakes Community Centre.

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