May 12, 2010

Youth Centres and Activities

After the successful celebrations for Youth Week last month, I thought I’d recap the range of activities Council organises for our local youth.  Overall Council’s youth activities include holiday programs, youth centres, workshops, recording studio, educational programs, young mother’s groups and youth week. Our three Youth Centres – at Hillsdale, Eastlakes and Botany – are the centrepieces of our facilities and we’ve seen increased attendances recently.  

Hillsdale Youth Centre, which is open on Thursday nights, is hosting around 60 young people each week while Eastlakes (open Tuesday nights) hosts around 45, the same as attend Botany Youth centre when it opens on Friday nights.  Each of the youth centres provides a range of activities, including computer games, pool, table tennis and a whole lot more. There is always a lot of other things happening and it’s worthwhile keeping in touch with our youth workers.  The best contact is Patrick on 9366-3889.

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