Aug 28, 2010

Answers for some school projects

In the last week or so I’ve had a number of emails from some of our local primary school students asking questions for school projects.  It seems our local students have been assigned projects on local government – which I think is great.  To better understand local government, the tier of government closest to and most reflective of the people, is to better understand civics.  And, in the days following the Federal Election with the inherent national focus, means these projects can bring students closer to government.  

I was asked to explain Council wards.  These are the areas that a local government area is split into so that the councillors elected from a ward more closely represent that ward. Our City is split into wards with roughly equal numbers of resident/electors.  This means more effective and equal representation. Each councillor represents a ward. To answer another question, the six councillor who represents our wards are: Councillor George Glinatsis, Councillor Brian Troy, Councillor Anne Slattery, Councillor Stan Kondilios, Councillor Greg Mitchell and Councillor Mark Castle.  As Mayor I do not represent any particular ward but am elected by all the resident/electors of the City.  I applaud the interest in local government being shown by these school projects and I hope my answers to questions I’ve received will help. Civics is a great subject to study.

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