Aug 2, 2010

Obesity and simplicity

At times I may appear to be simplistic but all through the debates on obesity I must say I wonder.  Sure we have a problem and if things continue as they are with overweight people then adverse health issues will also continue to increase.  Heart disease, diabetes, joint problems and a myriad of other problems are on the rise.  Indeed, endocrinologists express concerns when they see patients as young as 10 presenting with advanced Type 2 diabetes when, in the past, the age of such patients has been between 40 and 50.  

My contention, and again I may be accused of being simplistic, but if you cut down on eating a lot of sugar and fat infused foods then you can begin to solve the problem.  In shopping centres, at sport and all the places children congregate you can see all the wrong food that’s being consumed.  You see parents and carers give kids the wrong food in large amounts.  Public better health campaigns are good but we need to begin at home.  Less of the wrong food, more of the good food and less of a waist line.

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