Aug 12, 2010

Youth Centres and cool nights

During the cold nights of winter there’s usually an inclination for most of us to stay in the warm comfort of home.  But our local youth are stronger than that and the cooler weather doesn’t keep them away from Council’s three youth centres. In fact it’s pretty cool at our centres. There’s always something happening at the youth centres with a wide range of activities – from hip hop to cooking and games to fitness and safety sessions.  Our three Youth Centres – at Hillsdale, Eastlakes and Botany – are where it’s happening.  Hillsdale Youth Centre, which is open on Thursday nights, Eastlakes on Tuesday nights and Botany Youth centre, is open Friday nights.  Each of the youth centres provides a range of activities, including computer games, pool, table tennis and a whole lot more. As things and events and activities can change all the time, it’s worthwhile keeping in touch with our youth workers.  The best contact is Patrick on 9366-3889.  So continue to be cool as winter comes to an end and be at our youth centres.

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