Oct 5, 2011

Next Playground

The next of our playgrounds to undergo renovation and upgrade will the playground in L’Estrange Park on the corner of King and Sutherland streets at Mascot.  Tucked in the corner away from the sporting fields, the playground has always been popular and the upgrade will make it even more so.  The somewhat tired equipment (swings, slides and platform rocker) will be replaced with a feature piece of equipment – the explorer dome – along with 3D rubber animals, basket swing and the embankment slide. 

We’ve installed explorer domes in other playgrounds and they give a great deal of fun (and some motor skill development) for kids as they climb the ropes over the dome.  We’re also going to install the waterplay features we’ve used in other new playgrounds. Waterplay mixes kids, water and creativity for a whole lot of pure (and often wet) fun. The playground will be dotted with new plantings of native trees, colourful groundcovers, new furniture and pathways.  When finished it should be a welcome addition to our network of City playgrounds. We will be looking for any comment (and suggestions) that residents may have for the proposed playground and the plans will go on display in about a fortnight.  You can see them at Council’s Administration Centre in Coward Street or on a special display board on site at L’Estrange Park.

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