Oct 7, 2011

Botany Historical Trust: Changing of the Guard

If the Botany Historical Trust is the guardian and protector of our local history then the Trust’s President is our principal guard. Last Thursday night we saw a changing of the guard at the Trust when Nancy Hillier the person who has done so much for our community and our community’s history relinquished the presidency. 

Nancy Hillier is known locally as a champion of environmental issues and an environmental activist. Since it began in 1994, Nancy has been the personification of the Botany Historical Trust, which is a local committee that works to protect, conserve and educate the local residents about the importance of their heritage. Nancy was elected Vice-President in 1996 and has been President since 2002. Now, it is Nancy’s decision to stand down from that role. 

Her replacement as President is Eastlakes resident Jacqueline Milledge, a highly respected Magistrate. We will all miss Nancy’s participation in the Trust but we will always have the benefit of the works she has done through the Trust and the many other community pursuits she has undertaken. In the months ahead we will organise a fitting tribute to a woman who has done so much for our City and its residents.

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