Oct 10, 2011

Garden Competition Winners

After many entries and extensive judging, the results of this year’s Garden Competition are in. The judges gave me the list (I thought they would at least pass me the envelope!) and, as we’ve done in previous year’s, details are announced in my column in the Southern Courier on Tuesday, and today right here.  The overall winner was Andrew Stevenson from the Botannix Studio Café of Botany. The category winners are:

Front Domestic Garden 

1st Jason and Riley McFadyen of Daceyville; 

2nd The Kolbe Family of Botany; 

3rd Gregory Phibbs of Eastlakes

Angelo and Rita Propoggia of Eastlakes Highly Commended.

Rear Domestic Garden 

1st Pene, Logan and Hayden (who we know as HaHa) Ingle of Botany; 

2nd Kathryn and David Webb of Rosebery; 

3rd Jason and Riley McFadyen of Daceyville

Tom and Pam Vose of Botany Highly Commended.

The judges added a special award to this category with Dorothy Arthur of Botany being acknowledged for her knowledge and excellence; and 

Robert Jarvis gaining a merit award for his wildlife habitat.

Planted Nature Strip

1st Janet Cole of Botany; 

2nd Helen McCleod of Botany;

3rd Richard Muirhead of Daceyville.

Annual Display

1st Phillip Tomczyk of Daceyville;

2nd Edith Nowlan for her plot in the Leon Lachal Community Garden;

3rd Lorraine Henderson of Daceyville. 

Highly Commended was Lesley Button of Botany.

Balcony Garden

Ben Forsyth and Rebecca Vietch of Mascot; 

2nd Annie Parkes of Botany; 

3rd Carol Ashmore of Botany. 

Botany resident Dorothy Arthur was Highly Commended.

Native Garden

1st The Kolbe Family of Botany; 

2nd Jason and Rile McFadyen of Daceyville;

3rd Pagewood Public School.

Edible/Sustainable Garden

1st Siri and Parichart Thongsiri of Pagewood; 

2nd Panayiotis and Thalia Achilleos of Pagewood;

3rd Botannix Studio Café of Botany. 

Mascot Public School was Highly Commended. 

Takashi Abe was awarded a Merit in this category for an unusual and interesting array.

School or Community Group Garden

1st John Brotchie Nursery School of Botany; 

2nd Pagewood Public School

3rd Banksmeadow Public School

Mascot Public School was Highly Commended.

Industrial/Commercial Gardens: 

1st Botannix Studio Café of Botany; 

2nd Botany Grove Business Park;

3rd Discovery Cove Industrial Estate.

Residential Complex (Communal) Gardens

1st Kevin Rayner of Botany; 

2nd Dave Rothery of Greenwood Apartments; 

3rd Rolf Koch of Daceyville.

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