Oct 5, 2011

Intergalactic Botany Bay

The link may be tenuous, but it’s worth it for the image that anyone’s imagination can create.  On the footpaths of our main shopping strips, our little green machine Oova – the Remoova is hard at work and winning friends by the day – so much so that we may have to give it its own Facebook page.  But Oova would be quite at home in the “new” Botany Bay on Mars!  I read in one of the newspapers recently of the names given to landform features on Mars and I thought it was great of NASA to remember our little corner of the world. I remember all the stories of little green men and women on Mars and, tongue in cheek, I think little Oova would be quite at home running down the Endeavour Crater Rim on Mars past Botany Bay, Nobbys Head down to Solander Point – the green machine cleaning up after the green population of the red planet.

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