Feb 29, 2012

Important Notice about Garbage

I have an important reminder for residents about what NOT to put in your domestic waste bin - that is your green wheelie bin.  The list is really common sense and includes:  Asbestos and fibro sheeting, paint and paint related products, empty paint tins, floor sanding saw dust (a common one), pesticides and herbicides, pool chemicals, solvents and household cleaners, motor oils, car batteries, acids and alkalis, gas bottles, fire extinguishes and hazardous waste chemicals.

There have been a few incidents recently where some of these items have found their way into our garbage trucks.  When this occurs it becomes extremely dangerous for our workers.  When crushed these items can explode or spray hazardous fluids.  So please for the safety of all be careful of what you put in your bin.  There are a number of safe ways to dispose of these items and Council is currently preparing a leaflet which will be letterboxed to all residents providing these details.  In the meantime if you have any such items that you wish to get rid of please ring Council on 93663666 for advice on where you can take these items to be disposed of safely. Random checks do occur, and if these items are found in a bin that bin will not be collected and a sticker will be placed on the lid asking the owner to contact council.

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