Feb 29, 2012

Vale Vilma Wiggins

Some time ago we dedicated a park to commemorate the work in the Council administration by Jos Wiggins, the Council Engineer for a long time. At the dedication, the guest of honour was Vilma Wiggins, the woman who stood beside Jos for many, many years.

Now, regretfully, we mourn the passing of Vilma. Vilma Dawn Groves was born in Masot but lived in many places before Jos Wiggins wooed her and they settled in Mascot. Theirs was a love and a marriage that grew and grew in our City and togther they achieved much for their family - and our City.

As her granddaughter Skye Rahmat said at the funeral service: "The rock who supported us through all the losses in our lives has gone. We remember, and find joy in the memories and influences of someone who we loved greatly, of someone who lived greatly." I too will miss Vilma. May she rest in peace.

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