Feb 26, 2012

Work begins on L’Estrange Park playground

The beginning of the school year also marked the commencement of work on the City’s fourth district playground at L’Estrange Park.  As the park was popular during the school holidays, we held off beginning the playground work until the schools were back.

The construction fence is now up and the first task will be to remove the old equipment and get ready for the first delivery of landscape soil. Like all major projects, earthmoving is always the first step and once that is done the rest will be underway.  We need a fair bit of fill to totally bury some tree roots and build the mound for the large slide that we’re putting in.

During this month, the pathways, the landscaping, the kids’ cycle track, seats and other furniture and, most importantly, the playground equipment will begin to be installed along with all the landscaping. Apart from the mound slide, there will be a large climbing dome, water-play features (popular in our other playgrounds), 3-D rubber animals and other equipment guaranteed to keep children occupied and happy.

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