Feb 4, 2012

A note of warning in Daceyville

Some Daceyville residents have been on to me concerned at about a couple of large dogs roaming around the streets and on Rowland Park at night. What concerns the residents is that, with the schools back, the large dogs may pose a threat to children. We’ve got the rangers increasing their patrols in the area to see if they can track down the dogs – and their owners – in a bid for more responsible pet ownership.  But, unfortunately, the rangers cannot be everywhere at all times and where these dogs will be when let out off leash is not predictable. 

If anyone in the Daceyville area has better information on the dogs and when and where they roam, please call my office on 9366 3600 and let us know.  More than a few local parents will be grateful.  This also serves as a reminder to all dog owners that it is an offence to have your dog off leash in a public place.  So, when walking your dog please consider others.  If you want your dogs to run off leash there is plenty of space in Astrolabe Park and a fenced area in Sir Joseph Banks Park designated to this purpose.  Council is also looking at two other locations which will be notified to residents shortly for their comments.

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