Feb 19, 2012

Pain Forum

We all have it at times – and none of us likes it.  I’m referring to pain and those who live with pain day to day know life is very difficult indeed. A partnership between the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation and the Rotary Club of Botany Bay has put together a free information session on treating and dealing with pain.  The session is part of an ongoing information initiative of the Foundation and the Club and, based on those run last year, the information sessions are both informative and useful. 

At this week’s session, pain specialists Dr K E Khor and Dr Chimene Bhar along with Nurse Consultant Grazyna Jastrzab, Psychologist Cate Courtney and Physiotherapist Stephanie Mossman pain is definitely on the agenda – and what you can do about it. There are many ways to treat pain whether it is acute or persistent and the specialists at the session will give advice. 

The February 23 session, which begins at 6.00pm, is held at the Edmund Blacket Function Rooms at Prince of Wales Hospital, with access via Avoca Street.  You’ll need to let the hospital know you’re coming to the session and you can do that by calling Elizabeth on 9382 4263 or www.powhf.org.au or by email to: elizabeth.thomas@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au

The information is the first of five the Rotary Club or Botany Bay and the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation have organised for this year and as the others approach I’ll give everyone details of topics and dates for what are extremely valuable information sessions.

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