Feb 12, 2012

Schools Back … Increased Ranger and Police patrols

The beginning of the 2012 school year means the resumption of our patrols around our local schools to ensure that motorists obey the law, especially speeding.  Around every local school, our rangers will be visible during the morning and afternoon drop-offs and pick-ups, checking parking. While the overwhelming majority of parents and carers follow the rules, there is the odd person who, for whatever reason doesn’t and this puts our children at risk. We’re joined by the local police who keep an eye on speeding in designated school zones.  Remember, in school zones keep to 40kph and park only where you should.  Council makes no apology for issuing tickets if people park illegally. As well, our thoughts go to two special groups of school students – those who are in their first year of school and those in their last. For the kindy kids it is the beginning of a whole new life and for those entering Year 12, we wish you all the best for success in your last year of schooling.

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