Jul 15, 2012

Alcohol-Free Zones proposed in Mascot

We are seeking public comment on the extension of two alcohol-free zones – one around Mascot Memorial Park and the other around Mascot Park. After discussions with local Police and residents, it is proposed to extend the alcohol-free areas around both parks.

As far as Mascot Memorial Park is concerned, the park alcohol-free zone will be extended to the public roads of Aloha Street, Coward Street between Aloha Street and Botany Road and Botany Road between Foster Street and Coward Street.

For Mascot Park the zone will extend out of the park to include Coward Street between O’Riordan Street and Oliver Street and Foster Street between Oliver Street and McIntosh Street. 

The extension of the alcohol-free zones is subject to community responses and is meant to improve our local way of life and not as some wowser idea. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get them to me at Council. Once we’ve got local reactions, we’ll take the next step with the Police Local Area Commander.

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