Jul 6, 2012

Local Elections

Residents will see in the Southern Courier an advertisement from Council concerning the Rolls of Electors for the forthcoming local government elections on September 8. The ad reminds people of voter eligibility for the election of both the Mayor and Councillors. There is the residential roll, which covers anyone registered to vote in Commonwealth and State elections. If you live within our City and have not voted in previous State or federal elections you’ll need to get on the roll. You can get an enrolment form at any Post Office or you can get one (and check your enrolment) online at www.votensw.info The cut-off for enrolment is 6.00pm Monday July 30. 

If you are on the roll or if you complete your enrolment you must remember that voting on September 8 is compulsory and if you don’t vote you can be fined. There is also a non-residential roll, which is for people who own, are a rate-paying lessee or an occupier of rateable land, which is not a person’s primary address. If you fit these criteria, you are eligible to vote in the September 8 election but you have to enrol before 6.00pm Monday July 30. If you have been on the non-residential roll at a previous Council election you must re-apply for the forthcoming election. Council will keep everyone informed of the actions Council and the Returning Officer take in preparation of the September 8 election for Mayor and Councillors.

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