Jul 26, 2012

Heffron by-election 25 August - Why I am standing

As residents of the City of Botany Bay you’re entitled to know why I’m seeking your support for election as the State Member for Heffron. 

The decision to seek election as the Member for Heffron on Saturday, August 25 was not taken lightly. I’ve been Mayor of the City of Botany Bay for over three decades, during which much has changed for the better in your neighbourhood and for local residents. 

During the time I’ve had the privilege to serve as Mayor, our suburbs and our streets have undergone massive change. The successive Councils on which I represented our residents, worked relentlessly to transform what was a polluted industrial area into a modern and vibrant city, where the quality of life for residents is paramount. In this, I feel, without being immodest, I’ve had some success. 

Many of the issues that impact on our every day lives are State Government issues. The cars and trucks that clog our main roads are now filtering through our residential streets. There’s aircraft noise, which can only be reduced by a second airport for Sydney and the need for proper and efficient public transport for all residents of Heffron. 

There’s also the vital issue of planning. The State Government is moving to bring in a planning system that will let bureaucrats and outsiders with no local knowledge decide what will be built in our neighbourhoods and next to our homes. We have to stop this and State Parliament is the place to stop it. 

The only way I can make our local voice heard is for me to represent you and all of of Heffron residents in State Parliament. For a better way of life for all our residents, State Parliament is where I can work on you behalf. 

Over the years, I think I’ve shown I will speak out and fight for what is best for the residents. No matter who is in power in the State or what agendas they may have, for me, our residents always come first.

With your support, it’s in State Parliament as the Member for Heffron where I can continue to work for you, your family and your neighbours. I’ve been doing it for over 30 years and, in a different place, I’ll keep doing it

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