Jul 25, 2012

Volunteers Recognised

Last week I had the privilege to host a special dinner for our local volunteers – people who give so much to our community and many of our residents. It takes a very special person to volunteer to assist others in the community and all of them were worthy of our thanks. A number of local volunteer groups were represented: 

The Senior Citizens Advisory Committee, which is instrumental in providing input and advice into the planning of events such as the Garden Party and information sessions and tips on health and safety issues and other matters of importance to our older residents. 

The Access Committee, with which Council liaises for advice to help make our city more accessible for all of the community. 

The Botany Historical Trust, which is helping us preserve the history and heritage of our area for the benefit of current and future generations. The Trusts is also involved in mounting exhibitions, like the Shop Locally one and our upcoming Back to School exhibition on schooling in the City of Botany Bay. 

Meals on Wheels, the most recognised and the most constant of our volunteering groups. The Meals on Wheels volunteers are out every day – even during the wet weather we’ve experienced this year has not deterred them from turning up and delivering meals to our more vulnerable residents, always with a smile and an encouraging word 

The Knitting Network, the members of which donate their time to craft beautiful hand knitted items to support the residents of Sir Joseph Banks Nursing Home, Southern Cross Apartments and Frenchmen's Lodge, to name but a few. They have also raised funds to provide seating in one of our parks, again as a way of contributing to their community. 

The dinner was one of the few ways we, as a community, can thank the volunteers for their great contribution.

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