Jul 30, 2012

Bay Street Botany Pedestrian Crossing

I know that traffic lights are the preferred option for the intersection of Bay Street and Botany Road, Botany, but until we can get them approved and installed by the Roads and Maritime Services we are happy to announce that a zebra crossing and signage will be installed and up, hopefully, by the time you read this. The pedestrian crossing should help our youngsters and their parents/guardians to cross safely at this busy intersection. I will keep you posted on the progress of traffic lights. 
On the subject of traffic lights, it is not in our area, but I know many of our residents will be pleased to learn that the RMS has finally agreed to install traffic lights at the intersection of Beauchamp Road and Perry Street, Matraville. I have received many letters regarding this intersection which have all been referred to the RMS and several Ministers responsible for Roads. At last, thanks to the intervention of our excellent local member, Maroubra MP, Michael Daley we have some action and the lights should be up and running by August.

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